Nicholas Penn

Young Kentucky musician reflects on Kentucky local art, music, events and changes.  This site contains original music, gig updates, and booking information.  Blending easy listening west coast rock with Appalachian folk themes, Nicholas Penn has created a sound of his own.  




Alive Music is an alternative yoga/flow experience that combines live music with yoga and other flow arts! We are essentially creating a healthy live music venue where yogis and flow artists can feel comfortable doing their practice and connecting with their breath and their bodies. The goal is to create a musical ambience where yogis and flow artists can feel inspired and empowered to deepen their practice. Music is a very powerful tool for healing, and when combined with yoga and flow it can help yogis stay present and focussed, while at the same time allowing for the mental and emotional release of unnecessary tension. 

In our experiments with Alive Music we have seen yogis come alive in new ways, express themselves authentically, maybe shed some tears, and generally walk away feeling inspired and renewed! 

The music and experience will be faciliated by Nicholas Penn with special guest Seth Murphy on cello. Nicholas Penn is a Kentucky based yogi, guitarist, song-writer, and producer, and has been collaborating with Seth Murphy for over a year. Each Alive Music experience will be 99% improvised and spontaneous, making each musical experience unique. We will be building songs from scratch, crafting beautiful soundscapes and moving rhythms to reflect the energy of the yogis in the room. Essentially, we will be practicing yoga on our instruments, as you practice yoga on your mat!

We hope you will join us for a beautiful experience.

Tickets are $15, and payment can either be made at the door or using the second link below. This is a special event, so a Centered membership will not cover this class.

✨PLEASE RSVP for FREE✨ on the EventBrite link listed below!