Nicholas Penn

Young Kentucky musician reflects on Kentucky local art, music, events and changes.  This site contains original music, gig updates, and booking information.  Blending easy listening west coast rock with Appalachian folk themes, Nicholas Penn has created a sound of his own.  

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The Yoga Musician

The transformative practice of yoga is gaining huge popularity world wide and is becoming a routine group activity at many community events, music festivals, yoga festivals, and flow arts festivals. Since 2017, Nicholas has been playing yoga events, studios, and festivals, and has become the go to person in the Kentucky area for organizers who want to bring live music into their yoga events.

For these yoga performances, Nicholas composed an hour long piece of music that compliments different phases of the yoga practice. From the initial connection with breath, to the energetic peak of the practice, and back into a calm restful savasana, the music follows the energy of the class and allows the yoga practitioners to sink deeper into their practice and have a wonderful experience. Tears have been shed 😭🙏✌️

The Indie/Folk/rock artist

Nicholas Penn is an indie/folk/rock artist based in Lexington, KY. Hailing from the musical family of Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews, Iron and Wine, and Sufjan Stephens, his songwriting style is refined and representative of the best. In 2017, Nicholas joined with indie/psych cellist Seth Murphy to create a new blend of bi-coastal folk/rock. Later in 2017, Nicholas filled the sound out by adding kick drum and tambourine that he plays with his feet, giving a big reggae/rock groove to the sound, and preparing the duo to take the stage at regional festivals.

In 2018 the duo performed at many festivals across the region, and also launched the self organized Alive Music yoga flow jams. Nicholas is committed to using music to better the world and is planting five trees for every merch item sold via an organization called Trees For The Future.

In 2019 Nicholas is performing at more local and regional festivals and is focussing more on festivals and special events than touring. He is also developing his home production skills and will be recording and releasing as many singles as possible. With a growing interest in production, Nicholas is finding it more exciting to work on his producer skills than to work on developing a career as a touring artist. For him, the best part about producing is being able to create a complete sonic soundscape from scratch, and not just to be a guitarist or a vocalist performing in live performances. To showcase this new passion, Nicholas released a track in early 2019 called “Change is Good”. This track features cellist Seth Murphy, and was originally produced as the music for a short video Nicholas made for his Patreon account.

Stay tuned for more self-produced tracks and keep an eye on how his sound evolves on songs to come.

Songwriting and Song-meaning

Songwriting and conceptualization are the central focus for Nicholas in his creative process. He prides himself in the ability to write new songs that don’t sound anything like his previous creations, which is why his songwriting is so interesting to delve into.

Nicholas will tell you that most of his songs were inspired by him trying to figure out how to be a good human in the midst of what often appears to be a chaotic world. They all tell stories of how he is coping during a struggle or overcoming a challenge. It’s not all doom and gloom, although there is that. An interesting aspect of his music is that he brings a playfulness and lightness to the songs with his brilliant word play and silly out takes. Nicholas never misses a chance to be extra cheeky and make fun of himself in his songs.

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