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Young Kentucky musician reflects on Kentucky local art, music, events and changes.  This site contains original music, gig updates, and booking information.  Blending easy listening west coast rock with Appalachian folk themes, Nicholas Penn has created a sound of his own.  


Nicholas Penn is a Hybrid Folk musician and producer. Hailing from the musical family of Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews, Iron and Wine, and Sufjan Stephes, his songwriting style is refined and representative of the best.

His music features a combination of quietly masterful guitar playing, beautiful vocals, and creative songwriting, all while he brings the beat with his suitcase kickdrum and foot tambourine. Best known for his work on songwriting for social causes, his music touches the deepest parts of our humanity and leaves audiences feeling inspired, hopeful, empowered, and connected.

Beyond the stage, Nicholas has a deep passion for writing and performing music for yoga classes and festivals. Since 2016 Nicholas has been playing music during yoga classes and yoga festivals across the US, and finding his own niche in the healing arts community. He has written and is recording a 1 hour long meditative guitar flow that assists yoga practitioners in connecting with their breath and deepening their practice.

In 2017, Nicholas joined with indie/psych cellist Seth Murphy to create a new blend of bi-coastal folk/rock. In 2018 & 2019 the duo performed at many festivals across the region, including Pete Fest, Whippoorwill Fest, Playthink Movement Fest, and KY Yoga Festival.

Nicholas is committed to using music to better the world and is planting five trees for every merch item sold via an organization called Trees For The Future.

In 2019 & 2020 Nicholas will be focussed on touring the US, connecting with yoga studios across the country, and producing new singles in his studio in Kentucky.


“Nicholas Penn is captivatingly modest. His music marries quietly masterful guitar playing with wistful narratives that question the state of our interior and exterior worlds — all the while remaining wryly hopeful. His music is disarming… and that’s not an accident. He’d like to see less fighting and more love in the world. His confident music inspires a shred of hope that things could turn out that way.”-Mick Jeffries, WRFL

NICHOLAS PENN’s single ‘Cigarettes for the Homeless’ evokes a very basic reaction to our emotions, and it’s just a beautiful testament to his lyrics and presentation. Simple, nurtured, and beautiful. - ComeHereFloyd Blog

Notable Performances

Pete Fest - 2019

Playthink Movement Festival - 2018, 2019

Kentucky Yoga Festival - 2019

Wanderlust Austin - 2019

Headlined Whippoorwill Festival - 2017, 2018, 2019

On The Banks Live @ Owensboro - 2018

Ky River Jam Fest - 2018

Out of The Way Fest - 2018

Dandylion Festival - 2018

KY Heartwood Festival - 2017

Fall Equinox Festival - 2017

Yoga Studios and Festivals


Playthink Movement Festival, Alive Music Yoga Flow Jams, Lulu Lemon @ 21C Museum Hotel, Ageless Hot Yoga, Centered Yoga, Creative Yoga, World Peace Yoga, Wild Fire Yoga, Holiday Yoga Soiree


MYPATH Yoga Festival, Inner Warrior Louisville, Centered Yoga

Upcoming Tour Dates


Member of Pine Mountain Artist Collective - 2017

Planted 1,000 trees through merch sales in 2018.


Come Here Floyd Blog


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