Nicholas Penn

Young Kentucky musician reflects on Kentucky local art, music, events and changes.  This site contains original music, gig updates, and booking information.  Blending easy listening west coast rock with Appalachian folk themes, Nicholas Penn has created a sound of his own.  

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Feel Better.  Live Better.

From the day I started writing songs I always dreamed that my songs could be used to help people, kind of like medicine.  Fast forward 15 years, my main source of income is from the health food industry where I am literally helping supply thousands of people each year with plant based medicine.  What my path has taught me is that healing comes in all forms, but there are 3 particular types of medicine that I find to be uniquely impactful towards helping every human on the planet to flourish.

Music. Yoga. Healthy Food.

My mission is to bring these three gifts together offer the world something it needs.  This is my trifecta and the synergy of everything good that is flowing through my life.  I am blessed to have such a good life, and I am honored to share my gifts with you.  Stay tuned for word on my next big project:  ALIVE MUSIC!





I truly believe that music is powerful and has the ability to shape our entire society by impacting our culture.  It's so important that we acknowledge and respect the power of music, and that we use it as a tool to build a healthier and more vibrant world.  One of my lifelong commitments has been to use music to create positive change in the world.  I don't plan on stopping any time soon.


The practice of yoga has been very instrumental in helping me grow into the human that I have always wanted to be.  This act of self-care is incredibly empowering and helps me live more in alignment with my values and beliefs, thus creating less dissonance in my life, and more harmony.  

The practice of yoga is essentially the art of learning to communicate with your body.  It is the practice of opening up lines of communication, listening to the messages that it is sending to your brain, and responding accordingly with gentleness, patience, and breath.  

 My work to help popularize the practice of yoga is an effort to help more people learn to listen to their bodies, and thus live in greater harmony with themselves and the world around them.  

healthy food

It doesn't take a prophet to see that our food system is broken.  Disease is at an all time high and suffering from food related behaviors is prevalent.  Luckily there are scores of healthy leaders emerging who are working extremely hard to counteract and reverse the toxic relationship between our society and it's food.  

Through my work with The Weekly Juicery I have come to see that shifting our food culture is one of the most important social and environmental initiatives of our time.  Through my personal health journey and working for 5 years with thousands of different people, I have come to see that our capacity for happiness, love, peace, compassion, and empathy are directly linked to the overall wellness we experience in our bodies through the foods we choose to eat.  My personal motto is "Feel Better. Live Better." because the elevation of our diets is the elevation of our spirits. 

My commitment to the food movement is to continue to create opportunities and experiences for people to explore alternative relationships to food.  Did I mention real food tastes better???

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