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Young Kentucky musician reflects on Kentucky local art, music, events and changes.  This site contains original music, gig updates, and booking information.  Blending easy listening west coast rock with Appalachian folk themes, Nicholas Penn has created a sound of his own.  

Yoga + Live Music


Nicholas began dabbling yoga in 2012 around the same time he began to work in the health food industry with The Weekly Juicery. By 2017 Nicholas began practicing very regularly and developed his own home practice. During this time he attended a yoga class where one of his musical heroes Ben Sollee played cello during a yoga class. After attending this class, Nicholas decided he too wanted to play music during yoga classes and felt that it was a perfect synthesis between his passion for music and his passion for yoga.

On April 29, 2017 (Nicholas 27 birthday) Nicholas released his debut EP ‘ill EAGLE” and hosted a free yoga party and concert at The Plantory Co-working space in Lexington. The class was taught by Matthew Higdon with about 40 people in the room. Many people were really moved by the event, which encouraged Nicholas to continue organizing music + yoga events.

Over the next two years Nicholas continued to find opportunities to play for yoga classes, including Lulu Lemon sponsored classes, local yoga festivals, and local studios. All in all he played for about 50 different classes and events during that time. In these classes he practiced “improvising” his way through the class, trying to respond to the energy of the class musically. Improvising was previously a very scary thing for him as he typically had a plan for what he was going to play. This concept of improvising during yoga performances was mirrored by his practice of improvising in his yoga practice at home, which led to the conceptualization of the “Alive Music” projects.

In 2018 Nicholas launched a series of self organized special yoga + live music events at his home studio “Centered” called “Alive Music”. These yoga events featured live music, but did not have an official instructor. The main Ethos of the event was for people to do their own practice, tune into their own inner teacher, and find their own way.

This approach was an attempt by Nicholas to bring people out of a state of Dogma with their yoga practice (following someone elses instruction) to finding their own flow and their own movement.

Alive music did OK in 2018. There were a few regular attendies, but it was not overly celebrated by the yoga community. It turns out that people were afraid to practice yoga without an instructor, which is why they did not attend the classes even though they were interested.

Learning from these lessons, Nicholas approached 2019 from a different vantage point. In March of 2019, Nicholas organized the launch party for the first ever Kentucky Yoga Festival, and produced a live audio + video recording that you can view here.

After the launch party, Nicholas began to receive many inquiries from local studios asking him to participate in their events. Nicholas is currently building on those opportunities, continuing to organize around the yoga community, and will be recording and releasing his hour long yoga track in the near future.

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